Child Protection Policy

Jane Farrell Ballet School

Jane Farrell holds a DBS Enhanced Disclosure Certificate, a First Aid certificate, and through attendance at seminars and courses maintains up-to-date knowledge about any changes in legal requirements and the latest developments in dance teaching practice.

The school has an annual Public Liability Insurance policy. The rented halls are suitable for dancing with naturally sprung wooden floors, good lighting and heating, and adequate changing and toilet facilities. A basic first aid kit will be to hand.

In class:

All students will be taught ballet technique and movements appropriate to their age and ability, both physical and emotional. Water bottles may be taken into the lesson and breaks will be built into the class structure.

Constructive feedback will be given rather than negative criticism. Pupils will be encouraged to set themselves realistic targets and work towards them.

All students will be treated equally, with respect and dignity, and bullying will not be accepted or condoned

A register of every child, with a contact name and number will be held close at hand in case of emergencies


For performances, age appropriate theme, music and costumes will be chosen, and all choreography will be suitable for the age of the dancers and a family audience.

Contact will be made with the local Child Protection officer, (currently Caroline Cope at Bournemouth Council). The school will comply with all rules and regulations regarding Child Performers and submit all requested paperwork in a timely fashion, applying for Child Licences when appropriate.

A list of all dancers names, addresses, date of birth and day school attended will be submitted. Names and addresses of all backstage helpers will also be sent to the Council. The school will comply with any need for formal Chaperone Licenses.

On performance day a register will be kept with times for signing in and out for all dancers and helpers for each rehearsal and performance. There will also be a file of contact sheets previously completed for each dancer, listing emergency name and contact telephone, and detailing any relevant medical history.